“What's really strikes me about ACA is the potential to shape the next generation of leaders on arms control and nuclear policy. This is something I witnessed firsthand as someone who was introduced to the field through ACA.”
– Alicia Sanders-Zakre
June 2, 2022
2024 Arms Control Association Annual Meeting
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ACA members, friends, colleagues—please join us at our 2024 Annual Meeting, Friday, June 7, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  The theme of our 2024 Annual Meeting is: "Moving Back from the Nuclear Brink"

Our one-day conference will feature keynote speakers and expert panels considering some of the most pressing arms control, nonproliferation, and disarmament challenges, and how we can effectively address them.

Final program details, including the list of speakers and panels, will be posted here once available. Topics we expect to address include:

  • How Much Is Enough? Looming Decisions on U.S. Nuclear Force Size and Spending
  • Toward a More Effective and Humane U.S. Arms Transfer Policy   
  • The Role of Congress in Reducing the Nuclear Danger
  • Future Pathways on Nuclear Arms Control and Disarmament

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