“What's really strikes me about ACA is the potential to shape the next generation of leaders on arms control and nuclear policy. This is something I witnessed firsthand as someone who was introduced to the field through ACA.”
– Alicia Sanders-Zakre
June 2, 2022
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Through public events, webinars, and press briefings, the Arms Control Association provides policymakers, the press, and the interested public with breaking updates and analysis on arms control developments, negotiations, and news. View recording of recent activities below and sign up to receive invitations to future events.

What steps can Washington and Moscow take to re-engage in nuclear risk reduction diplomacy, and how can the United States and China productively engage on issues relating to risk reduction and arms control?

Marking 50 Years of Accomplishments and Setting the Course for Challenges Ahead

Our expert panel will assessed the progress that has been achieved to eliminate Syria’s chemical arsenal, what is left to be done, and how to ensure chemical weapons are never used again.

Congressman Beyer briefed members the nuclear weapons and arms control working group in Congress and its efforts to encourage U.S.-Russian nuclear arms reduction talks

The Arms Control Association hosted a discussion with Herb Lin about the major themes and recommendations in his new book Cyber Threats and Nuclear Weapons published in October 2021.